Pump Tracks for Peace

For the last 17 years, retired professional bike racer, Red Bull sports announcer, and longtime friend of the shop Claudio Caluori has been building super smooth asphalt pump tracks around the world.  In his travels with VeloSolutions, he’s been continually moved by how the simple joy of riding bikes has a truly universal appeal.  ““No matter where you are, whether that’s in a rich country, or in a poor one, [pump tracks] always have the same effect”, he says. “People of all ages, of all backgrounds, of all beliefs, whatever skin color, they get together, and they have fun.”  This philosophy led Claudio and his friends to create Pumps for Peace, a program that brings fresh pump tracks to divided communities, helping to create fun and accessible activities for everyone.

A recent Red Bull event held at their track in Roma, Lesotho bridged the gaps between locals of all cultures.

pumps for peace bike rider