Olympic Valley, Lake Tahoe & Truckee Bike Sales

While Truckee River Bikes is the premier cruiser and rental specialty shop in Lake Tahoe and Truckee, we also offer a selection of cruiser, town, commuter, and e-bikes.  We do our best to bring you the highest quality and value oriented bicycles in every category, and can offer all the guidance and support you need to find the perfect bike.

Cruiser and Town Bikes

Truckee River Bikes carries a full line of cruisers and town bikes from Tuesday, Giant, Fuji, and Haro. Choose from our broad selection of bikes with coaster brakes or hand brakes, simple single speed bikes or multi-speed bikes, clean classic frame styles or the latest modern designs in a variety of looks and fits. We can help you find a bicycle that’s just what you’re looking for!

Kids Bikes and Trailers

We have a variety of kids bikes, trailers, and trail-a-bikes for the whole family to get out and ride together.


We rent and sell the latest E-bikes from Giant, Momentum, and DelSol, featuring Class 1 and 2 drive systems from Yamaha and Bafang, ideal for touring the bike trail and beyond!

Used Bikes

We’re often selling our used rental bikes, from 7 speed cruisers to 18 speed hybrids, to E-bikes, kids bikes, and even trailers!  Call us to find out about the latest specials.

Trail map
Tahoe Mountain Bike Trail Map